‘Eh, WTF?’: 9 People Who Definitely Forgot The Luas Was On Strike Today

You're not the only one, promise.

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After a fortnight of Luas strikes back in February, and more over Easter, we’d hoped that the commuting nightmares were over for a while.

But not quite. Luas drivers went on strike again today, but not everyone made a note in their diary…

1. There was this woman, who ended up stranded at the Red Cow

 2. And this commuter who made the fatal mistake of buying a ticket BEFORE checking the real-time display


3. This girl was having a bad day, full stop


4. Not to mention this girl’s bad week…


5. This lad forgot his umbrella too. THE WORST.


6. This girl wasn’t too sure how the whole Dublin Bus thing worked…


7. While this woman feared she’d never make it off alive


8. We really felt for this woman…


9. But hey, at least we all had an excuse to be late for work!


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