Emily In Paris S3 Has Started Filming

Oui Oui!


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Bonjour, we are ready for more cheesy and addictive television, merci!

Yep, our favourite easy-watch show is back and filming in the city of love once more. Lily Collins shared a snap of herself and co-star Ashley Park in Paris with the caption, “Reunited in Paris! Let season 3 filming begin!…”

We are delighted to see them back together, plus if you’re heading to Paris this summer, keep an eye out for filming!

Season two of the show introduced us to a new love interest for Emily, cheeky chappy Alfie, whom we j’adore her with, but Emily was still debating whether her heart belonged with chef and her former bestie Camille’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel, who we also kinda want to see her go for…the forbidden love thing gets us every time.


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If we can’t decide which gentlemen Emily should choose, you know she’s unsure as well. The bubbly and chaotic character always seems to find herself in the most awkward situations, both professionally and romantically, which makes an excellent watch. At the end of the second season *SPOILER ALERT* Alfie returned to London and Gabriel got back together with Camille, meaning Emily is single.

Don’t panic because Lucien Laviscount confirmed that Alfie is appearing in the third season of the show, so although London was calling, something tells us Alfie won’t be long returning to Paris. Queue another love triangle for Emily.


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We already know once we see the new series we will be feeling that pull to Paris once again, what is it about this show that makes us feel like we too could be a marketing expert living in Paris? Probably the wardrobe, her inner circle and the amazing parties she gets to go to…

The show is the ultimate summer vibe so to know they are filming in June is a bonus, there’s no release date just yet but here’s hoping it’s not too long, perhaps once the winter rolls around and we need a dose of sunshine? We’ll keep you posted!


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