Emily In Paris Season 3? Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you’re anything like us you probably have already watched your way through all of season 2 of Emily In Paris, because self-control? don’t know her.

Now, you’re left wanting more. With plenty of twists and turns throughout the second season, the final episode ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, leaving us wondering if Paris is for Emily or if she should move back to her home in Chicago.

Even Lily herself is curious about what her character will do next, as she admitted in an interview that she has no idea where Emily will end up. “I’m dying to know what that decision is, ‘cause I don’t know. I’m as confused as Emily was,” Lily told Elle. 


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So, I suppose the only way for us to find that out would be for a season 3 to be created, but the million-dollar question is – will that happen?

As of right now, Netflix is yet to renew the show for a third season. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no hope, as the streaming service generally waits to see how well a show is received by the public along with how many viewers it brings in before they decide to commission more of it.

Often, Netflix will wait two months before they will gauge how well a show has performed, so since season 2 landed in mid-December, we’re looking at around March/April 2022 before we’ll get news on whether a season 3 will be happening or not.


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Along with us, Lily Collins is also hoping for a season 3, recently telling Glamour: “I hope that we get a Season 3, because I really hope we get to come back and do this again.”

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of other TV shows you can watch to fill the EIP gap – check them out here.


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