Emma Chamberlain Reportedly Splits From Boyfriend Role Model

Looks like they're calling it quits.

Image via Instagram, Emma Chamberlain

YouTube star Emma Chamberlain and musician Tucker Pillsbury aka Role Model, have reportedly ended their three-year relationship.

This news follows after an inside source told the American Publication, E! News on October 7th, that the LA lovers are allegedly no longer a couple.

Emma is a social media icon who is most known for her vlog-style YouTube videos and her lighthearted interviewing style.

Today she is the host of her podcast Anything Goes, the founder and owner of her company Chamberlain Coffee, and as if this isn’t success enough, she is a model and brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and Cartier.

Tucker Pillsbury, who goes by Role Model is an American ex-rapper, who made his debut as a singer, and songwriter back in 2017 when he released his album, Arizona in the Summer.

The duo first met in 2020.

In an interview with GQ in February of this year, the pair mutually confirmed their relationship, and Tucker revealed that he first fell for the influencer icon when he saw her in a TikTok video.

Just three years ago as he scrolled through the app for the first time after downloading it, he recalls stumbling across a video of Emma, “trying to twerk to a Dayglow song in the bathroom and surprising herself that her ass moved… I don’t know why, had nothing to do with the twerking – but it showed her personality.”

This is when their awkwardly adorable love story began.

In the earlier years of their relationship, the couple decided to keep things on the down low, however, fans had curated their suspicions through investigations of photos and videos as the lovers teasingly dropped hints.

They made their first public appearance together on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in March 2022.

Just two days later, Role Model released the music video for his song “Neverletyougo” which Emma appeared in…talk about a hard launch!

It seemed like a match made in heaven.

Fast forward to today, when the heartbreaking news of their alleged split has been released but yet to be confirmed.

Words by Shauna Whyte