A Lesson In What To Do When Your Phone Blares Tina Turner On Live TV, From Emma Watson

'Er, that is my phone. That is Tina Turner.'

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Emma Watson. She’s just like you and me, really. That is, always impeccably dressed, a regular speaker at the UN and a star of one of the most famous movie franchises of all time.

Er, okay, maybe not then. But there is – thankfully – one area of Emma’s life in which she does keep some modicum of normality: her ringtone.

The actress and gender equality campaigner appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning to speak about her upcoming role as Belle in the live action re-make of Beauty and the Beast.

Mid-sentence though, she was interrupted by the cheery sounds of her own phone blasting Tina Turner’s Steamy Windows.

Ever the professional, Emma quickly grabbed her phone and turned it off, but not before owning up to her mistake: “That is so embarrassing! That is my phone. That is Tina Turner.”

Presenter Mark Heyes didn’t seem to mind the interruption, telling Emma it was “the best ring tone he’d ever heard.”

While we do admire Emma’s classy handling of an awkward moment, she definitely loses points for choosing Steamy Windows over all the other potential Tina Turner options…


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