Er, How Much?! So It Turns Out Airbnb Hosts In Dublin Are Making An Absolute Killing

Um, we need to sign up ASAP.


Airbnb is the service that’s revolutionised our travel game. No longer do we have to choose between the super expensive hotel or the seriously dingy 10-to-a-room hostel dorm.

Instead Airbnb offers a kinda compromise, where hosts keen to earn some extra cash can rent out a room – or sometimes their whole home – to budget-conscious travelers needing a bed for the night.

We knew the service was popular, but still we had no idea that Airbnb hosts in Dublin were making such a killing by offering up their gaffs for a night or two.

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According to a new report, hosts in Dublin collectively earned €52million through the home hosting service last year. Broken down among the city’s 6100 Airbnb rentals, that means the average host earns around €4900 a year.

Not too shabby for having the odd visitor or 10 kip in your spare room for a night or two, huh?

There is a small catch, of course. Income through Airbnb is taxable so you’ll need to include any earnings you’ve made through the site on your tax returns.

Still, an extra €5000 a year isn’t something to be sniffed at.


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