‘Everyone Makes Their Own Choice’ Vogue Williams Opens Up About Mum-Shaming Comments

She was criticised for packing breastmilk formula in her Instagram DMs.


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Vogue Williams is due to give birth due to her second child any day now. Recently, Vogue shared what she had packed in her hospital bag, which included some baby formula in case she may have any trouble with breastfeeding.

However, some people weren’t happy that Vogue took this precaution. Vogue shared a screenshot of the messages she received from one follower in particular, who wrote, “You are going to get roasted by the pro Breast feeding lobby!!!! They don’t get much milk because they don’t NEED much milk… Plus you’re not allowed to advertise newborn milk!!!!!”

They continued, “You’re playing on a new mums insecurity!! Bad, bad, bad!!!!”


Vogue responded to the messages on the screenshot itself, saying, “I mean my baby isn’t even born yet and already this kind of c**p 😂 Breast fed, bottle fed, everyone makes their own choice and that choice is the right choice for you and your baby…”

“I plan on breastfeeding but it may not always be possible. A fed baby is a happy baby.”

Vogue then added, “I’m also not advertising any milk otherwise it would clearly state ad 🙄.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Vogue has had to put up with mam-shaming online. Last year, in an interview with Grazia, she opened up about how she was trolled after stating that she planned to stop breastfeeding Theodore after six months. “I was lucky to be able to feed – Theodore took to it quite easily,” she said.

“But some mothers’ milk never comes in, some babies are tongue-tied and some mums just don’t want to. Good on every mother, whether they breastfeed or not, because this is not an easy job and as long as you and your baby are healthy and happy, that’s all that counts.”


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