Everyone’s Convinced That Kendall Jenner Got Lip Fillers After Seeing Her Latest Pic On Instagram

Fans are p*ssed at the model for not preserving her natural good looks.

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While surgery rumours have always surrounded the Kardashians, the one sibling that’s always rocked a seemingly more natural appearance is Kendall.

The star’s supermodel good looks have always been attributed to plain old genetics, and while her sisters have been accused of having all sorts of surgery – from nose jobs to bum lifts – Kenny is the one Kardashian/Jenner that many believe has stayed clear of the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Well, until now it seems.

Kenny’s sister Kylie posted a pic to Instagram on Monday night, and fans reckon the model is rocking a much fuller pout in the snap.

about to livestream on the Kylie Jenner Facebook!

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And they seem none to happy that the star may have had fillers.

According to little sis Kylie though, Kenny hasn’t had fillers. Nope, Kylie says she’s responsible for her plumper looking pout and achieved the look with make-up by simply overlining her sister’s lips.

“You guys, Kendall let me overline her lips today with lipliner and everyone think she got lip injections. I’m sorry Kendall,” the beauty entrepreneur said on Snapchat.

Hmm. So it’s all down to a little bit of make-up mastery then? Yeah, we’re not so sure.


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