Everyone’s Hearts Melted For Sean And Lucy On First Dates Ireland Last Night

Bagsie an invite to their wedding.

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The third episode of First Dates Ireland aired on RTÉ Two last night, and it truly was an emotional rollercoaster.

Stacey from Cabra got the first taste of heartbreak this week, after admitting that she really fancied personal trainer Neil (“I just love his teeth”), before he promptly told her they’d be better “as mates.”

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But it was onward and upward when we met Sean from Offaly, who even arrived with a ROSE for his date.

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Sean admitted straight up that he always falls in love way too easily, adding that he fell in love with his last girlfriend “after ten days”.


Hopefully he’d manage to play it cool with the lovely Lucy, who promised us she wasn’t “your typical Flirty Bertie” and instantly won us over.

The pair seemed to really enjoy themselves, and we had high hopes.

It’s always a good date if you inhale helium, right?

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And then it was crunch time. In a stroke of genius, Lucy suggested the pair say at the same time whether or not they wanted a second date, and we all near fainted with the tension.

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Would they feel the same way about each other?


And the nation rejoiced.

At the end of the episode we were told that the pair did make it on a second date, though there’s no word yet on a wedding date.

Fingers crossed…