Everyone’s Making Baked Oats For Breakfast And They’re Super Simple

It's the latest viral trend on TikTok and it only takes 15 minutes.

Who knew the humble oat was so versatile? You can cook it, bake it, soak it, even milk it, and it’s clear to say that the grain is getting a moment of recognition on TikTok at the moment.

Baked oats are the 2021 version of overnight oats and everyone from their mother to their distant cousins seems be jumping on the bandwagon and making these divine concoctions that require oats, baking powder and milk alongside the toppings of your choice, which seem to include the likes of chocolate, protein powder, syrups and sauces.

The dish takes literally a matter of minutes to create and the result is a little muffin like loaf of deliciousness.

Here’s one that popular creator on TikTok, Holly B Fitness shared to Instagram, which she made using Malteaser Easter bunnies.


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Here’s the recipe

40g oats

3g light hot chocolate powder

X2 mini Malteasers mini bunnies

75ml of skimmed milk or plant milk

Small sprinkle of baking powder


Mix all the elements together into an oven proof dish, with one of the bunnies on top, and pop into the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

And voila, you’re done.


Over at STELLAR, we’re having loads of fun creating different recipes, mixing it up with the addition of fruit and chocolate. One recipe we made which we love is where we just used the basis – oats, milk and baking powder, and then added a handful of frozen raspberries, 12g of white chocolate chips and a spoonful of Nutella on the top for a sweet and chocolatey surprise.

One TikTok user (@bearenger) made some chocolate and banana oats over on the app using cacao powder, maple syrup and mashed bananas. She calls these oats a “game changer” and you can watch that video below.

@bearengerThese oats make me ✨ ##bakedoats ##plantbased ##healthyrecipes♬ We Can’t Be Friends – Dream Koala

Aside from that, we’re loving people’s creativity with oats on the app, varying from sweet and simple dishes to more experimental ones, like these cookie dough baked oats by @lovelydelites.

@lovelydelitesBaked cookie dough oats! ##vegan ##bakedoats ##trending ##bakedoatsrecipe ##cookiedough♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

Some users also add eggs to their mixture to help make the overall product more fluffy, but again, the great thing with baked oats is that everything is optional. Many users on TikTok are also really highlighting that flexibility with baked oats by doing a run-through of their entire week and all they have created.

@heallthyfooddiary made everything from smores to Biscoff oats and it’s safe to say we’re drooling.

@heallthyfooddiaryThe baked oats obsession continues🤤 ##fyp ##foryou ##foodtok ##food ##oattok ##bakedoats

♬ original sound – Mike Martin

Breakfast will never be the same again.


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