Everything Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

Autumn is officially upon us.

And if you haven’t officially entered your pumpkin spice latte era bitch, then what have you been doing with your time?

Here at STELLAR, we’ve been doing, watching, and trying nice things this week. This is them.

Jade is loving… Oysters – and lots of them

An acquired taste, sure, but a delicious one at that.

This week, The Conrad’s Coburg restaurant hosted their Supper Club dedicated to the stunning Henriot Champagne alongside oysters, halibut, and other delicious additions.

The night was glorious and staff were, as always, beyond helpful. Raspberry on oysters completely slaps – who knew?

You can find out more and keep an eye out for the next Supper Club here. 

Aoife is loving… Permanent jewellery 

I love jewellery. Anyone who knows me knows that I never leave the house without a pair of gold hoops, a smattering of rings, and a necklace to match. Which is why I practically lost my mind when I learned about the permanent bracelet!

Dylan Oaks in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre offer permanent jewellery, so you can have a forever piece that won’t get lost or tarnished! They offer a selection of different bracelets in solid 9k yellow or white gold, measuring them to your perfect wrist size and then welding them shut – I swear we’re living in the future.

The chains are metal free, so they can be worn during surgery or going through the scanners at the airport. And you can add little letter charms or your birthstone too! The lovely girls who work there told me that lots of mams and daughters get them together, or friends when they’re moving away. Is that not the most gorgeous idea? I got the tranquility chain, and the way it glitters in the light is literally stunning. I will 100% be back for another!

Lorna is loving… Dry shampoo


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I’m a wash my hair once a week kinda gal. I just don’t have the patience or the effort for more than that, particularly when it takes over an hour to dry my hair. Dry shampoo has become my best friend over the last number of years when it comes to making my hair last longer. My hair tends to start getting oily around the five day mark, which is when I section out my hair and dry shampoo each sections roots.

I started my love story with Living Proof ‘s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo back when I first heard about it on my favourite YouTube creator, Alisha Marie’s channel in 2013. We went on a trip to the US that summer and my first port of call was Sephora so I could get ahold of this Dry Shampoo that was so much better than anything else because Alisha said so.

I can confirm, my YouTube idol was right about one thing – Living Proof is one of the best out there when it comes to dry shampoo. It smells amazing, it doesn’t leave a powder residue and your head doesn’t itch after it – major yes from me!

Jade is loving… Chicken in Limerick


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And other food too. Nandos has just opened up their very first restaurant in Limerick, creating 40 new jobs in the process.

The new spot in Limerick Crescent Shopping Centre, Dooradoyle opened its doors this week, and it’s safe to say we’ll be hitting it up the next time we’re in the Midwest.

That garlic bread, though.

Aoife is loving… Rainy walks

I know, the rain lately has been incessant and miserable. But it’s also kind of lovely?

This week I’ve been popping up my umbrella and going for a little rainy walk in the evening; and it’s surprisingly refreshing.

We can all appreciate the sound of the rain on our window, but there’s something about stepping out into the midst of it, breathing in the crisp Autumn air and letting myself jump in puddles like I’m five again.

It feels liberating to let myself get a little soaked, and there’s such joy in coming home and getting cosy afterwards!

Lorna is loving… New books

Pic: catherinewalshbooks.com

I’m a fiend for books. I will buy ten at a time and have them read in the space of a month if given the chance. I adore browsing the shelves of a bookshop, stopping to read extracts from the covers that pique my interest. There’s just something so satisfying about it.

You can imagine my delight when Dubray books opened up in the Pavillions, a mere 10 minute drive from my house. I spend at least two hours in there browsing books on the weekend. I’ve got a pile of new books to read now as a result and I can’t wait to get stuck into them as the weather gets that bit colder and darker.

First in the mix is The Matchmaker by Catherine Walsh, a new author to me but I’m more than a little excited to dive into an Irish read in the coming weeks.

Jade is loving… A tiny camera

One that fits in the palm of your hand, nonetheless.

FUJIFILM have just announced their latest photography instalment, the INSTAX Pal – a teeny tiny digital camera that is small enough to rest in one hand.

The adorable little camera connects with other INSTAX products allowing you to take and print your pics on the go, alongside their new Soft Lavender instant mini film. Sorry, how cute?