Everything We Know About Zoey102, The Zoey101 Film Sequel

The PCA gang is getting back together!

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Get ready to head back to Pacific Coast Academy along with its favourite alumni – or at least to the reunion.

Jamie Lynn Spears announced on Instagram along with the rest of the cast, that the movie epilogue to everyone’s favourite Nickelodeon tv show, Zoey101 will be arriving on Paramount Plus this summer.

They posted a teaser clip of two wedding bands sitting on a sandy beach, giving us a possible clue as to what we can expect as the PCA gang reunite.

She captioned the post: “Giving you 102 reasons to be excited for summer.”


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So, who’s ready for some romance, drama and maybe even a wedding at this iconic reunion – we know we are!

The film synopsis dives into the storyline of the epilogue saying: “Over a decade after the iconic series ended, Zoey Brooks is still trying to figure out life and love, this time in her 20s. The Pacific Coast Academy (PCA) gang returns to Malibu for an over-the-top wedding turned high school reunion for the books.”

Zoey101 was originally created by the well known Dan Schneider. However, he will not be returning for the long-awaited movie sequel. The Zoey102 crew are an all female team with Nancy Hower directing from the script written by Monica Sherer and Madeline Whitby. All three ladies will also be taking on roles as executive producers alongside Jamie Lynn Spears.


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Jamie Lynn will be reprising her role as main character Zoey Brooks. She will be joined by the majority of the original main cast including Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews, Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky, Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese, Christopher Massey as Michael Barrett, Abbey Wilde as Stacey Dillsen and Jack Salvatore as Mark Del Figgalo.

There will be three new characters entering the main cast which include Thomas Lennon as Kelly Kevyn, Owen Thiele as Archer March and Dean Geyer as Todd.


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The cast announced the new movie back in January posting a picture to Instagram of their script sitting on a chair with the name Zoey on the back of it.

Jamie Lynn captioned her post: “I’m beyond thrilled to be back alongside my PCA family and continue the story of Zoey and all the characters fans know and love. As an executive producer, it’s been an exciting opportunity to work with such incredible talent as well as Paramount Plus and Nickelodeon.”



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