Everything You Need To Know About The Hunger Games Prequel

It's time to return to the games...


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We didn’t know a new installment of The Hunger Games series was on the cards, but now we have the first look of the prequel to the iconic films and we are so ready to delve back into the world of Panem, tributes and dystopia titled, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Although we won’t be seeing Katniss, Peeta and Gale in another love triangle or revolution, this movie is set 64 years before The Hunger Games Saga and will focus on a young Coriolanus Snow, pre-white hair and pre his wicked president era. It’s easy to dislike him when we think about his distasteful character in the movies, perhaps this will give us a new perspective on him… Or at least an explanation as to where his cruelty comes from.

We can definitely expect a much softer side to Snow in his earlier years, as director Francis Lawrence said, “This is very much a story about love, ” according to Vanity Fair. This love story will be between a young Snow, played by Tom Blyth and musician Lucy Gray Baird, portrayed by West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler. Viola Davis is set to play the villain in the form of Head Gamemaker Dr. Volumnia Gaul.


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As for Rachel Zegler’s character, the director describes her as, “the anti-Katniss [Everdeen].” Vanity Fair reported he said, “She’s a musician, she’s a performer, she’s a charmer…. Snow has never met a girl like this before.”

We love a romance, especially a romance that begins in the Hunger Games arena… Katniss and Peeta had us obsessed in the previous films so we already know this is what we are going to be bet into this love story… especially since we know how he turns out in the future.

But the film won’t be totally without a nod to our beloved victors, Lawrence explained, “You get a little background of Katniss. You will obviously get a lot of the background of Snow, the history of the Games, the history of some of the music, where songs like ‘The Hanging Tree’ actually come from.”


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This is the level of back story we want for our fictional worlds, we are HERE for it.

As the film is set in a totally different era, viewers will see a new side to the world we once knew so well.

According to Vanity Fair, producer Nina Jacobson said, “It’s completely different stylistically, in terms of design, character, and point of view…To be able to show a different side of Panem at a different time in its history has been really exciting.”

Director, Francis Lawrence said, “We also get to remake District 12, remake all of the Capitol…and a brand-new arena.”

As big fans of the original saga, we are so ready for more details about the character we never thought we’d see a light side of, we wonder if this has the potential to become it’s own series… Watch this space!


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