8 Crucial Tips For Getting Taylor Swift Tickets

It's getting close to crunch time!

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The time is upon us!

Taylor Swift tickets are finally going on sale and it seems like everyone will be trying to get their hands on some.

So if you’re trying to nab a few seats for when the singer comes to Ireland, we have all the tips that you need.

Firstly make sure you’re registered

If you haven’t registered for tickets then you won’t be able to participate in this sale.

Unfortunately, registration closed in June and those selected to participate in the sale were emailed a fortnight ago.

Anyone who was selected for general sale will receive a purchase link and access code via SMS the day before tickets go on sale.

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Know when your tickets are going on sale

Tickets are going on sale three different times on Thursday.

  • 11am – General tickets go on sale for Aviva Stadium show on Friday, June 28
  • 1pm – General tickets go on sale for Aviva Stadium show on Saturday, June 29
  • 3pm – General tickets go on sale for Aviva Stadium show on Sunday, June 30

The waiting room opens 30 minutes before the tickets go on sale, so make sure to log-in that half an hour early! Once you head to Ticketmaster, click ‘Join waiting room’ once and wait. It might take a couple of minutes to load but don’t worry!

Make sure you are already logged into Ticketmaster

Have your account logged in before you start the sale process, you don’t want to get through to buying your tickets just to scramble to find your password.

Login the night before!

Add payment details beforehand

Once again, you don’t want to have to find your bank card and start typing in all those numbers when you’re on a timer.

Save your payment details to your account. After the sale, you can go in and delete them! But it will definitely save you a few precious minutes!

Use a web browser

While we all love the Ticketmaster app, it’s better to use a web browser on your laptop or your phone.

The process will be much quicker and smoother, we promise.

It’s important that you only have one tab open to Ticketmaster and only use one device to try to get tickets. As your code is connected to your Ticketmaster account logging in multiple times may affect your ability to get tickets!

Don’t refresh your page

You may be in the waiting room for what seems like forever, but worry not as Ticketmaster is working away in the background.

When the sale starts you will be brought into the queue. Once again do not refresh, just be patient. These things take time, but trust us it is worth it.

You will leave your space in the queue and will be booted to the bottom if you refresh! And you may miss out on getting tickets!

Know how many and what tickets you want!

You can purchase up to four tickets over the three nights.

That means you can buy two for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. You cannot buy more than four tickets and you cannot buy four tickets per night. So know how many tickets you need before you head into the process.

It’s also important that you know where you want your tickets to be – standing or sitting. And what area you want to sit in. If you select your area you will be able to nab your ideal ticket!

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Patience is key

We know it’s hard but just stay patient! Don’t stress!

Thousands of people are in the same boat as you, so things may take a bit longer than usual. But you just have to trust the process.

You can find out how much the tickets cost here.