Expecting? A Gynaecologist Shared Some Gas Answers To Patients’ Pregnancy FAQs

If you’re pregnant or know anybody expecting a little arrival then you may want to have a look at these hilarious FAQs.

A gynaecologist in the US hung this poster on her wall, with some, er, questionable answers to patients’ pregnancy queries.

The photo was shared on Reddit by a pregnant woman who stumbled on it while waiting for her appointment. Questions were answered with little scientific grounding but tonnes of humour, for example, “Should I have a baby after 35?” was answered with, “No, 35 is enough.” Gas!

“Do I have to have a baby shower?” This doc’s advice: “Not if you change the baby’s diaper quick enough.” LOL.

See the rest of the Qs for yourself…

What a gas way to put expectant mother’s at ease, don’t you think?

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