Fans Are Convinced Kim K’s Latest IG Post Is A Message To Kanye

Subtle or not so subtle?


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It’s pretty obvious that Kim Kardashian was already completely done with Kanye ‘Ye’ West. She’s getting closer than ever to Pete Davidson (with their relationship even getting the seal of approval from Paris Hilton) and just recently it was revealed that she wants to legally be declared as single.

According to TMZ, Kim filed legal documents requesting that a judge declare her legally single amid her and Kanye’s ongoing divorce. So basically, before any other issues related to the divorce – such as child custody, property, etc, she wants to settle the issue of her legal marital status.

TMZ shared that Kim also requested that her “maiden name be restored,” so she’s officially done and dusted with being a West. More on that right here.

And now, fans are convinced that Kim’s latest Instagram post is a subtle, or not so subtle hint to Kanye that she’s completely done.


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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)

The post itself seems pretty innocent, but it’s when you look into things a little further that the aha moment comes. In a series of pics, Kim modelled pink workout gear and a pair of pink and grey Nike Air Max 95s – which she zoomed in on in one of the pics.

What’s the big deal? Well, according to fans, it’s actually pretty significant. Since Kanye famously left Nike for Adidas (their biggest competitor) back in 2013 and has since almost exclusively worn his own brand, Yeezy. Kim supported him all through this, even exclusively wearing Yeezy trainers after their split.

This is exactly why fans are convinced that this is a key moment.

“This how I know Kim K is really done with Kanye she is wearing Nikes,” one person tweeted, with another saying, “Kim wearing Nike… it’s really OVER.”


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