Fans Are Freaking Out Over The ‘Big Death’ Set To Happen In The SATC Reboot

TikTok went into meltdown with fan theories after a BTS video emerged.


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It looks like a major character is set to be killed off in the first episode of the highly anticipated Sex And The City reboot.

This comes after a source close to the show teased that there was going to be a “big death” and now, it looks as though that has been confirmed.

Over on TikTok, a video showing extras dressed all in black while standing outside the Wolf Building in Chelsea has emerged sending fans wild trying to predict if and who could be potentially killed off in the show.

Now, of course since we’re hearing it’s a “big death” fans have their suspicions that it could be Chris Noth’s character, Mr Big, while others believe it makes sense that it’s Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones since she’s not returning for the reboot and fans have already been wondering how they’ll address her absence.

Other names that have been thrown into the mix by curious fans are Steve Brady (Miranda Hobbes’ husband played by David Eigenberg) and Magda (Miranda’s housekeeper played by Lynn Cohen). Poor Miranda is getting done here.

Other reports state that only senior cast and crew have been made aware of the character kill-off, and are sworn to secrecy. But frontrunners of the show have already confirmed that there’s going to be a “major shakeup”, so could this be what they were referring to all along?

Will this major death – if it happens – take us all by surprise?

In May, HBO confirmed that Mr Big’s character would be back for the new season. “I’m thrilled to be working with Chris again on And Just Like That…,” executive producer Michael Patrick King said in a statement in May.


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“How could we ever do a new chapter of the Sex And The City story without our Mr. Big?” he continued, leading us to believe it can’t be Mr Big axed in episode one like that, right?

Big’s iconic return will see him joined by John Corbett and David Eigenberg who played Aiden and Steve, respectively. Yep, the lads are back.

As for when we’ll see this reboot on our screens, it’s unsure, but we’ll keep you posted once we have more deets and it’s confirmed that the filming is over. Bring it on.

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