Fans Blast Irina Shayk For ‘Unrealistic’ And ‘Unachievable’ Post-Baby Body Photo

She welcomed a baby girl last month with her partner Bradley Cooper.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper welcomed their first child, Lea de Seine, into the world just one month ago.

So more than a few eyebrows were raised when Irina posted a photo to Instagram yesterday of her lounging in a bikini, showing off a rather flat stomach.

The photo shows the new-mum in a sexy pose atop a lip-shaped floating device in a pool, and she couldn’t look less like a woman who’s just given birth.

Pre-sunset ?? #currentsituation

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Fans are worried that she’s giving an unrealistic portrayal of the female body post childbirth. Some comments on her Instagram post include, “How is a body like that possible after just giving birth?” and “Try to focus on your baby not on your body. Rest, life is about your baby now not about your body.”

Another said, “Is this a naturally healthy situation one month after??? I refuse this trend…” While one questioned whether she has had a baby at all, saying, “Was she even ever pregnant? like vsfs is like only 4 months ago and her belly was still small. and now all of a sudden she already gave birth, idk something just seems a little fishy imo.”

However, one person tried to be the voice of reason and noted, “She is a model and is genetically gifted and also has healthy eating habits I’m sure. There may be a c-section scar if you look closely, some ppl get tummy tucks planned if they know they are having a c-section.”

The fan continued, “Nothing wrong with it. It’s her career to be fit etc But we will prob never know how and who cares? Good for her! Not good karma to hate. She’s gorg. Let’s have women support other women instead of tearing them down. Don’t be jelly ❤✌?”

What do you think of Irina’s post-baby body? Is it creating an unrealistic standard for women post-baby?

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