Fans Of Reneé Rapp Are Shook That She Is A Self Proclaimed ‘Ageist’

Because why would she say that...


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Reneé Rapp is making waves in the industry as the new generation’s Regina George.

The American Broadway star stepped into the mainstream with her role in the brand new Mean Girls movie adaptation, and people are living for her!

Reneé’s bold, cheeky attitude is what fans are most enjoying, as she adopts a carefree, unbothered attitude in interviews and online.


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However, the rising starlet might have taken things a little too far when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

While chatting to host Andy Cohen, Reneé was asked which Real Housewives of Potomac cast member she could see herself being the friendliest with.

Reneé replied, “There’s something about Karen [Huger] that’s just so funny to me. She’s so funny, and I’m very ageist but, like…”

Andy interjected with genuine surprise, asking Reneé, “You’re ageist?!”, to which she replied breezily, “I am, actually.”


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The bizarre confession was made all the more awkward by the fact that Reneé was sitting with Real Housewives star Gizelle Bryant (53).

Andy clearly wasn’t about to let it slide, either, pushing Reneé to explain.

“You don’t like older people…we’ve got to dig into this. OK… So you’re a little ageist, OK. Well, let me ask you this, are you ageist towards me?”

“No, no,” said Reneé, but Andy persevered, saying, “You just look down on older people? Or don’t care for them?”


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The actress then laughed at the hole she’d dug for herself, but went on to double down – and direct her ‘ageism’ at women in particular.

I just feel like, I don’t know, I just was always the young one in situations… Like, millennial women were always coming for me and I was like: ‘Shut up,'” she went on. 

Then Real Housewives star Gizelle Bryant, who was sitting beside Reneé, interjected, “You’re going to get older one day,” to which Reneé replied, “I fear!”

“No, you don’t fear!” pushed back Andy, while Renée insisted, “I fear because I’m ageist!”


Of course, Reneé’s controversial chat has sent Twitter into a spiral, with some annoyed by her nonchalant prejudice and others arguing that it’s clearly a joke.

Who knows what she really meant – we just hope she doesn’t double down again!