Fans Think Kris Jenner Photoshopped Her Latest Instagram Post. What Do You Reckon?

She's got a fine looking bod' for a 61-year-old.

Kris Jenner is reportedly worth $45 million so she’s definitely able to afford unlimited beauty treatments to keep her looking youthful. Plus, the mother-of-six has a strict diet and fitness routine which she thanks for her slim physique.

Considering she’s now 61-years-old, there’s no denying that Kris is a fine looking woman – but fans aren’t too sure if her body truly looks like that in reality.

Last night, the businesswoman shared a photo on Instagram to promote a herbal tea brand she’s partnered with. In the caption, she wrote, “People always ask me how I stay in shape and looking so good. I detox regularly, especially pre-summer.” Is that all though?

After looking closely at the photo, in which Kris shows off a toned tummy and arms, fans began commenting that they think the image is photoshopped. Some say that her right arm must have been slimmed down via photoshopping tools because the area behind her arm looks blurry.

Others have suggested that her head was simply copied and pasted onto another woman’s body.

What do you think of the photo? Could it be all natural?

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