Fans Think That Harry Style’s New Saucy Music Video Is His Way Of Coming Out As Bisexual

The song is being hailed as a bisexual anthem

Friday, October 11th, 2019 will forever be remembered as the day that Harry Styles gave us new music.

However, while we received a new anthem (that sounds like it came straight from the Gods), we also received a brand new music video, showcasing a spicy and sweaty Harry dancing around with topless men and women while he sings about ‘knowing who you are’.

The song, video and release date has got the internet talking. Because, October 11th isn’t just any day, it’s actually national coming out day, and fans are suggesting that Harry’s saucy antics in his music video may be alluding to just that.

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Back in September, Harry spoke to Rolling Stone magazine, telling them that his new album was all about “having sex and being sad”, leaving fans are reading between the lines and concluding that the album could, in fact, be about Haz’s sexuality.

Fans and followers have been taking to social media to publicly lose their shit while also giving their two cents on what they think Harry is trying to tell us, and while not everyone on twitter is correct, the stans do pose an interesting interpretation.

While Harry generally remains private about his sexuality, he has never been shy in showing his support for the LGBTQ community. And, there is no denying that his latest tune is very much a queer anthem, leaving us with no other choice but to stan.

Go on, Harry.


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