Fans Think This Detail In The Leaked Gilmore Script Points To A Rory-Logan Romance


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As we’ve known for a few months now, a Gilmore Girls reunion is set to drop on Netflix on November 25.

Set in the present day, the four-parter will give us a glimpse into what’s been happening in the lives of Lorelai, Rory, Emily and co. since we left them behind back in 2008.

Although filming has wrapped, both the stars and crew have kept relatively schtum about what we can expect in the revival. We do know, of course, that co-stars like Melissa McCarthy (Suki), Milo Ventimiglia (Jess), Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Scott Patterson (Luke) an Jared Paladecki (Dean) will all be returning, but as yet we don’t know in what capacity.

Just yesterday, the show’s producer and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino did fans everywhere a solid, releasing the first page of the script for the show’s opening new episode, titled ‘Winter.’

And while there’s not a whole lot being given away – except for the fact that the mother-daughter dialogue is as pithy as ever – there is one detail that has fans wondering what could be up: the fact that Rory’s just gotten off a flight lasting “seven hours.”

Anyone who’s seen the final episode of the show will know that Rory headed off to work on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, which would have involved a lot of travel. But as the GG costume designer let slip in a recent interview, one person who also lives abroad is Rory’s former flame Logan (Matt Czuchry), who has apparently relocated to the UK.

The flight time from the UK to New England, where the fictional Stars Hollow is located? SEVEN HOURS.

We’ll leave you with that.


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