Finally! The Love Island Baby Challenge Is Back Tonight, To Everyone’s Delight

This is sure to be a cracker.

We’re getting the popcorn ready, because tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for this whole season of Love Island. Yep, it’s baby time.

A preview for tonight’s show has been released, and my days does it look like a good one. We already know from last year that babies = chaos, and we are buzzing for 9pm.

Tonight’s episode sees the Islanders transform into mammies and daddies to take care of screaming, pooping baby dolls and well… some take to it more naturally then others. (All eyes on you Josh.)

Throwing the remaining couples straight into parenthood means they’ve to do everything from changing nappies to feeding, and as imagined, this is going cause a bit of tension between the couples.

But we know what you’re all thinking – have the Islanders followed in last year’s footsteps with creating iconic names for their babies? Well, they sure as hell didn’t disappoint with their picks….

Remember Cash Hughes?

  • Jack and Dani have a baby girl that they name Kimberly Flo Fincham 
  • Wes and Megan have a daughter they named Mia Ruby Nelson
  • Alex and Alexandra also have a girl they named Ella Louise George
  • Josh and Kaz have a son they named Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel (try saying that without taking a breath)
  • Paul and Laura, having already had the discussion of what they’d call their, kids had it easy and named their daughter Arabella Knops
  • New Jack and New Laura named what they thought was a girl Aubrey Crane Fowler… but a nappy change later in the show reveals that their baby is actually a boy.

There’s also a couple being dumped from the Island tonight too. Gahhh, is it 9pm yet?


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