Finding Your New Eircode Is The Most Fun You’ll Have Today

We're kinda excited about Ireland's new postcode system, Eircode, and we've got the shopping-related reasons why.

young woman tourist holding paper map outdoors and talking by the phone

Heard about Eircode yet? Panti has:

It’s Ireland’s new postcode system, so no longer will the postpeople of the land be guided by instructions like, “go on up the lane there, turn right by the hen and it’s a away beyond that up there on the left. Behind the tractor.”

Now, we have fiddly digits locked into SKYNET capabilities to guide our Asos orders safely into our waiting hands, and yes, while Eircode has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters and it has been pointed out that you can still use your old address an all in anyways, the fact we have a layer of digital data for mapping can only be a good thing. For the following reasons.

1. Taxis

To never have to direct a Hailo driver to your location – WHICH YOU HAVE CAREFULLY PINNED TO WITHIN AN INCH OF YOUR PERSON – on the map ever again, will be sheer bliss.

2. Hangovers

Ordering in should become a lot easier. Give the takeaway your Eircode and there’s no way they can end up at a ‘similarly-named’ apartment block five miles way, with your rapidly congealing, very unappealing Satay, now is there?

3. Online shopping

Those aforementioned Asos orders? With us with THE QUICKNESS. Oh our gods.

These are mere frivolous things, however. Eircode clearly has other, more useful applications for things like like tourism  (vital ‘n’ that) and health. Who doesn’t want an ambulance to get there quicker, especially in rural areas where addresses are often confusing?

Eircode finder

Sure, we’ve yet to see how it’ll pan out and sob – we don’t appear to have one yet at STELLAR HQ – but if you want to find out what yours is (just pop it at the end of your current address to feel instantly fancy), then head here for LOLs.