Fired? Kim’s Bodyguard Has Deleted All Traces Of Her From His Social Media

What's going on?

Kim and Pascal 2

Since Kim’s terrifying ordeal where she was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room during the early hours of Monday morning, many fans have been pointing the finger at Pascal Duvier, Kim’s bodyguard, blaming him for not being there when the KUWTK star needed him most.

To recap, Pascal was at a nightclub with Kendall and Kourtney at the time of the robbery.

Now folks believe that Kim may have sacked her long-time bodyguard as he’s since deleted all traces of her from his social media.

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Before wiping his Twitter and Instagram, Pascal’s accounts had numerous photos and mentions of him working for the reality star, but now they’ve all been deleted.

So what gives? Has Kim taken the decision to fire Pascal?

Not so, according to TMZ. They say sources have told them that Kim and Kanye don’t blame Pascal for the robbery and that the social media blitz is simply a safety measure to ensure that crooks aren’t as clued in about Kim’s whereabouts in the future.

Clearly though, it’s all speculation at the mo, and with no comment from Kim or anyone in her camp as of yet, it’ll likely be a while before we know what’s really going on.

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