‘First Day Filming’: Is Kim Cattrall’s Latest Tweet Proof An SATC Spin-Off Is Really Happening?

Samantha could be about to launch her own show *squeals*

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Since Sex And The City’s final episode aired in 2004, we’ve seen Carrie and Big making a go of it in the brilliant SATC film, followed the girls to the UAE in the not-so-brilliant sequel and met a young Carrie Bradshaw in the now-cancelled CW show The Carrie Bradshaw Diaries.

It’s been a shaky run, but we have high hopes for what’s rumoured to be the next follow-up to the show: a spin-off all about Samantha Jones.

Samantha’s endless innuendos and active sex life where the highlight of the series for many fans, and in recent months actress Kim Cattrall has been hinting heavily that she could be about to return to the role for a brand new show. Most recently, there’s this selfie, posted by Kim last night, in which she says she’s “Channeling Ms Samantha Jones once again” while dressed in a VERY Samantha-appropriate outfit: a massive ring and a leopard print blouse.

My 1st Boomerang, Honey! Channeling Ms Samantha Jones once again …..

A video posted by Kim Cattrall (@kimcattrall) on

“Such a fun first day filming,” she wrote on Twitter alongside a link to the Instagram post.

Wait, what?! FILMING?

There’s also the fact that Kim has been replying to various fan questions about a spin-off with the coy “fingers x’d”:

Not to mention this response to a post by chat show host Wendy Williams about the possibility of a Samantha Jones spin-off.

Fingers crossed this is really happening because it would make our year.


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