First Look: A Shady Game of Never Have I Ever and a Surprise Recoupling

It's starting to feel like a recoupling every night!

Is this the most dramatic season of Love Island ever? It’s starting to feel like it! With twists and turns every episode and shade filled challenges, the villa doesn’t seem to get any rest. Of course, tonight won’t be any different, with a game that raises suspicions and a surprise recoupling too…phew!

Gathering around the fire pit in tonight’s episode, the Islanders play ‘Never Have I Ever’. During the game we find out who has had a threesome, dated someone over 40 and had a cheeky way to get out of a date.

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Zach is the first to turn up the heat asking: “Never Have I Ever been two-faced about someone in the Villa”. Tyrique also ups the stakes and asks: “Never Have I Ever cheated on someone.” When Zach drinks in response to Tyrique’s question, Jess and Ella are quick to respond.

Jess says: “Once a cheat, always a cheat, Zachariah. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, Zachariah”, while Ella remarks: “If someone can justify cheating, who is to say that they won’t cheat again?” Mitchel is quick to defend Zach’s honest answer. Meanwhile, Zach is left wondering what Molly’s thinking. Can she trust him not to turn his head?

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Later that night, Mehdi gets a shock text, reading: “Can all Islanders gather round the fire pit immediately.” Whitney reads a text explaining that the girls will be choosing who they want to couple up with. But, as the newest arrivals, the two new bombells Mal and Montel get first choice at the fire pit.

Who has made an immediate impression on the new additions? And will their choices step on the toes of their fellow Islanders, ahead of the girls making their decisions?

Tune in tonight to find out!


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