First Look: The Boys Question Mitch And Someone Explores An Unexpected Connection

But who could it be?

On tonight’s episode of Love Island, the boys are raising their eyebrows as they think back to what Mitch was saying in the clips shown during Movie Night, and there’s also an unexpected connection forming..

Speaking about the night’s events the following morning, Tyrique, Sammy, Montel and Zach reflect on the comments made by Mitch during the movie.

Tyrique says: “The most disappointing thing really for me was seeing Mitch, to be honest lads, I think it’s absolutely bottom of the barrel behaviour.”

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Sammy adds: “It’s not really acceptable”, whilst Montel interjects: “Guys are normally more loyal to their boys.”

Tyrique seems to doubt his friendship with Mitch as he quips back: “Well clearly we’re not his boys though.”

Later on that day as all of the boys gather on the day beds, Zach asks Mitch: “How are you feeling snake boy?”

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Mitch assures the boys that the clip they saw was out of context. Zach thinks otherwise as he says: “Nah, I am sure none of that was out of context bro.”

Tyrique adds: “It just makes me question your character Mitch”

Will the boys be able to put Movie Night behind them once and for all?

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Later, despite one couple seemingly going from strength to strength, it appears there might be trouble in paradise as one of the boys makes an unexpected beeline for the girl in question.

Pulling her for a chat in front of her partner, sparks seem to fly between the two Islanders.

Is another love triangle about to form? We’re dying to know!

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