#Fitscopes: Your Stellarscopes For The Month Ahead

What're the next few weeks gonna look like? This month, we're focusing on fitness.

a female runner out jogging


21 Mar – 20 Apr

Are those 2015 resolutions slipping? That good ol’ competitive spirit will help you push through – as long as you don’t let your mates give up too! Just make sure that, as you’re lapping them on the track, you’re shouting words of support; winning the race is never worth losing friends over.

21 Apr – 21 May
Determination is great, but don’t let your stubborn streak push you past breaking point. If your mates are getting sick of this life of deprivation, try to loosen up. Indulging your creative side could be just the tonic.

22 May – 21 June
That ol’ twin stereotype means you’re deadly at juggling – and this is a great time to shake things up. If you’re mad for cardio, try some weight training. Big walker? Get on that bike! You may not win any prizes (soz, bbz) but everyone loves an all-rounder.

22 June – 22 July
Your bestie mate is having a hard time, but talking is going nowhere. Encourage her to start a class, come to the gym or commit to a weekly walk. It’s the perfect balance between chatting and comfortable silence.

23 July – 22 Aug
The last time you got really into sports, you took a tumble – and your pride hasn’t quite recovered. But it’s about time you got back up on that horse. Why not try something new? A class like ballet barre will really appeal to your romantic side.

23 Aug – 22 Sept
You find it hard to find a sport that appeals to your methodical nature – too unpredictable! – so you mostly indulge in solitary activities. Truth? There’s no need to feel pressured into changing if you’ve found a happy rhythm. Just keep it up!

23 Sept – 22 Oct
You’re a great team player, so why not get a group together? Coming into the summer months (finally!) is a great time to run around outside. Plus, it’s the perfect way to tackle your boss without, y’know, getting in trouble.

23 Oct – 21 Nov
Emotions run high whenever you lace up those kicks, but try to use that passion to excel in your chosen field. Find a club to nurture your talent and go for broke. But remember: criticism is fair and stretching is not optional.

22 Nov – 21 Dec
You’re prone to being argumentative, so why not try something, er, scrappy? Boxing, jiu-jitsu and tae kwon do are great ways to exercise your fighting side without losing any mates.

22 Dec – 20 Jan
All your hard work will pay off this year when you reach a lifelong goal – congratulations! But try not to rest on your laurels. Find something else to reach for – what about competing? Keep challenging yourself and the rewards will be so very worth it.

21 Jan – 18 Feb
You’ve always loved trying new things and being on top of new crazes – so you never stick with anything for too long. Who cares? Enjoy jumping from trend to trend, and your body will reward you for continuing to challenge it in new and interesting ways.

19 Feb – 20 Mar
You don’t like being centre stage, so when urged to take the reigns, you retreat. Don’t want extra responsibility? Say so! Be proud of your achievements, but remember – it’s only fun if you’re enjoying it.

Pic credit: H&M.