4 Films That Will Totally Make Your Weekend Cinema Trip Worthwhile

Spending the weekend indoors? Here are our cinema picks that you should go and see pronto.

Are you staying off the drink this weekend in preparation for Electric Picnic? If you’re looking for activities to keep you occupied, the cinema has an abundance of good films out at the moment.

The Gift

It’s rare nowadays to come across a truly scary film – all the storylines somehow end up being the same. This movie is different. It’s based around a couple who have just moved to a new town when an acquaintance from the husband’s past mysteriously reappears. We’ll say no more but it’s creepy, believable and absolutely full of twists and turns. You’ll be jumping out of seats – we promise.


If you haven’t already watched this, you should go and see it this weekend. You may not think that fighting movies are your thing but this proves to be a lot more than that. It’s actually incredibly sad. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal is such a divine specimen that it will make the journey worth your while no matter what. it will also spur you on to take up a bit of boxing yourself, deadly soundtrack too.

Straight Outta Compton

It might not be based on our favourite genre of music but this is a savage watch. It chronicles the rise of the group NWA who emerged in Compton California in the mid eighties, completely revolutionising Hip Hop culture. It focuses on life in the hood and the struggles that were met by the likes of rappers Dr Dre and Ice Cube. Your fella might even be persuaded to stay in with you too for this one.

Paper Towns

To be perfectly honest, the only reason we wanted to see this was so we could check out Cara Delevingne’s acting skills. It’s an easy watch, although not very believable. Margo (Cara) is a little bit too perfect and there’s not too much to the film, but it’s charming and easy and a little bit lovely. It’s worth the watch and guarantees a nice movie night out.