FYI: Bath Bombs Aren’t Good For Your Vagina As Doctors Label Them “Risky”

They can mess up your pH levels and cause all sorts of bother.

If you were planning on slipping into a nice, hot, bath-bombed tub of water, you may need to reconsider your options.

Doctor Michael Cackovic at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Doctor Jessica Shepherd at the University of Illinois at Chicago explained to Self why we should be thinking twice about using the colourful, fizzing balls.

There’s a risk that the aromatic chemicals in bath bombs could make their way into your vagina while you’re soaking, and this this can impact your vagina’s natural pH balance, which is usually at 4 or 4.5.

Various soaps, detergents, and lubricants can also cause problems to your lady bits.

“You’re going to have some women who have vaginas that are affected by bath bombs and others who don’t,” Dr. Shepherd says.

Dr. Cackovic adds that dissolved bath bombs usually come into contact with the vulva (the external part) and don’t always seep inside the vagina (the internal part).

So if the chemicals don’t get inside you, bath bombs can be perfectly fine.

Always be aware of any changes to your body – things like itching, changes in discharge or strange odours can indicate that your vagina’s pH has changed.

And as always, if you’re concerned about these changes, contact your GP for advice.

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