FYI You Can Now Buy Crocs For Your Dog

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In recent months the resurgence of crocs in fashion has been everywhere. Once something your dad wore while pondering in the garden, they’re now ‘cool’ again and fast becoming a solid fashion staple.

You might have heard the news and whipped up a pair for yourself and been ironically wearing them since, but did you also get some for your dog too? No, didn’t think so. How could you prance around in your comfy cool crocs and leave your little best friend out? smh.

Well, luckily our furry friends no longer have to be left out in the fashion cold, as it turns out, you can now buy crocs for them too.

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The shoes come in the colours pink, blue, green and yellow so your little one can choose their favourite colour. The bad news, however, is that if your doggo is a big boi or girl, they can’t get a pair *heartbreak emoji*. Sadly, the crocs for now only come in a size small, meaning only tiny paws can look stylish – if anyone would like to organise a petition against this let me know.

As a disclaimer, the brand GEHARTY did mention that the crocs are suitable for dogs who are chilling, and not for actual walks or playtime, for obvious reasons.

So, if you’re looking for the pawfect accessory to have a photoshoot with your dog – look no further. All photoshoot results are very welcome in my DMs.



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