FYI You Can Now Watch Every Episode Of Sister Sister On Netflix

Plus here's what Tia and Tamera are up to now

Children of the 90s rejoice! Streaming service Netflix has just added every episode of hit American sitcom ‘Sister Sister’ to their site.

Landing today, November 6th, fans of the show can relish in nostalgia this weekend, as all six (6!!) seasons are now available to stream.

Yep, that’s plenty of hours worth of entertainment. But, in case you need to jog your memory of what the show is actually about before you go diving in, allow us to cast your mind back.

The sitcom stared twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry, as they meet each other during a chance encounter since being adopted separately at birth. Although they look the same, the two are totally different from one another, but Tamera’s adoptive father still makes the decision to allow Tia and her adoptive mother to move in with them, so the girls can be together.

Of course, mayhem ensues over the course of each episode, with the show airing from the years 1994-1999.

If you were a fan of the show you might be wondering what Tia and Tamera are up to now, all these years later. So, we’ve done a little deep dive to tell you just that.


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Tia, it seems has been dipping her toes into a little bit of everything. Still acting, and staring in series such as Nickelodeon’s ‘Instant Mom’ and Netflix’s ‘Family Reunion’. Tia has also been working on other creative projects, launching a digital lifestyle series “Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix,” and has written multiple books, including a pregnancy and cookbook.

She also has the most gorgeous family, which she regularly shares snaps of on her social media. Marrying her childhood sweetheart, Cory Hardrict in 2008, the two have welcomed a boy, Cree, and a daughter, Cairo into the world since.


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Tamera has followed a similar path to her sister (they are twins after all) and has continued to keep her roots firmly tied to TV and entertainment. She has joined the cast of Lifetime’s “Strong Medicine,” voiced a character on a few episodes of Fox’s “Family Guy,” and currently stars in ABC Family’s “Roommates’.

Busy in her personal life too, just like her sis, Tamera has settled down with partner Adam Housley, who she married in 2011. She has had two children, a boy Aden, and a girl, Ariah.