Georgie Crawford Shares The First Steps Of Her Surrogacy Journey

"We believe everything will happen when it should.”

Georgie Crawford and her husband Jamie were guests on last night’s Late Late show, and spoke about their surrogacy journey.

On a recent episode of her podcast, The Good Glow, Georgie opened up about their decision-making process, and how she began considering this route following her experience with breast cancer.

Jamie and Georgie are already parents to a little girl, Pia, and are now looking to expand their family through surrogacy.


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Even though Georgie has the all clear from cancer, she shared that she still takes some medication in her recovery and her doctors have advised her to continue with this.

“I was put on a drug called tomaxifen for my recovery from cancer and I’m going to stay on that for five years,” she shared.

“I could come off that and we could try for a baby ourselves but I want to stay on it. So we have decided to move towards surrogacy and we are in the process of that.”

With her positive nature shining through, Georgie added; “We really believe everything will happen when its meant to happen, that’s how we got through everything we’ve been through. We believe everything will happen when it should.”


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Speaking about this medication previously, she said; “When they said that, I was more upset about going on tamoxifen. I was more upset about that than chemotherapy because I felt chemotherapy would be a moment in time but tamoxifen just felt very long.”

“And I also knew that you can’t have a baby when you’re on tamoxifen. They don’t encourage you to conceive,” she added.

Georgie then shared that she would “do the sums” in her head about what age she would be when she came off treatment, and when she heard of Rosanna Davison welcoming her daughter through surrogacy, they decided to look into it themselves.

“It gave so many women hope,” she said. “And I started to really consider surrogacy and thought maybe this will be an option for us too.”

She continued, “A couple of weeks ago, we signed a few documents and we’re in the process of getting our embryos to Ukraine. So it’s really exciting. It’s really real now.”

“I suppose before it was a dream and now we feel like we’re in the process of it.”


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