Get Ready For Tonight’s Love Island As Casa Amor Is Back!

It is guaranteed to shake things up.

Sunday’s are for chilling in front of the TV, and that just got even better as tonight Casa Amor is back on Love Island.

Many have been saying that this winter season has been a little slow, so perhaps some drama is exactly what we need to spice things up!

What is Casa Amor?

For Love Island newbies, this was first introduced in 2017 and it is guaranteed to shake things up.

Basically we will see the villa split in two. The girls will stay were they are and the boys will head to a new villa nearby.

This is where it gets interesting. There will then be six new boys and six new girls sent in to the island and peoples heads will turn.

Some pictures have already been shared giving us a sneak peek of the new villa which looks fab.


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Have a sneaky peek at our shiny new Casa Amor! Whose head do you think will be turned? 🤔 #loveisland

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The new boys

Name: Ched Uzor

Age: 23

Profession: Scaffolder

Who is he interested in? I’d like to go on a date with Rebecca. I also fancy Sophie and I also want to go on a date with Siannise. I’m intrigued…

Name: Josh Kempton

Age: 21

Profession: Model

Who is he interested in? In no particular order – Rebecca, Sophie and Jess. Rebecca is mysterious, Sophie’s smile and laugh is contagious and Jess’s personality is so kindhearted.

Name: Alexi Eraclides

Age: 23

Profession: Butler in the Buff

Who is he interested in? Since the beginning of the series, I’ve fancied Shaughna. I also fancy Demi, she is definitely a bit of me. Plus I’ve met Jess on a night out before, we exchanged Instagrams then we sent a few messages but nothing came of it. It’ll be interesting to see how we get on when we meet again…

Name: George Day

Age: 23

Profession: Real-estate Agent

Who is he interested in? My head and my eyes are wandering a bit but I do fancy Paige, Siannise and Jess and I want to find out more about Demi.

Name: Biggs Chris

Age: 27

Profession: Car Mechanic

Who is he interested in? Sophie, Rebecca and Jess – I think I could bring her personality out more.

The new girls

Name: Molly Smith

Age: 25

Profession: Model

Who is she interested in? Luke M, I like how he dresses, I like how he styles his hair, he seems really into his fashion. He seems confident as well which I really like.

Name: Natalia Zappa

Age: 20

Profession: Club Promoter/Student

Who is she interested in? I’m definitely open to getting to know all of the boys. I’ve particularly got my eye on Callum and Finn. Also, I fancy Luke M. Maybe that’s my childhood crush on Justin Bieber resurfacing!

Name: Eva Zapico

Age: 21

Profession: Recruitment

Who is she interested in? Mike and Nas – they have the best personalities.

Name: Jamie McCann

Age: 24

Profession: Eyelash Technician

Who is she interested in? I really fancy Wallace and Callum.

Name: Priscilla Anyabu

Age: 25

Profession: Model and Operations Manager

Who is she interested in? I really fancy Mike, Nas and Luke M.

Name: Jade Affleck

Age: 25

Profession: Sales Professional

Who is she interested in? I have my eye on Luke M, Finley and Callum.

Tune in to Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.


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