Get To Know The Limerick Lad Heading Into The Love Island Villa Tonight

He's a late arrival, but will he make a splash?

You’d think with two weeks to go they wouldn’t be throwing any more new people into the Love Island villa, but tonight not one but THREE newbies are heading in.

We’ve got 20-year-old Harley Brash from Newcastle, 28-year-old India Reynolds from Reading, and 24-year-old Greg O’Shea from Limerick. Yes, Limerick.

The professional rugby player calls himself a “sociable and happy go lucky guy”, and rates himself as a seven on his looks – it would be eight, but he’s not as confident since he “broke his face” playing rugby a couple of months ago.

Greg is a relationships guy, but has been single for the past year since breaking up with his girlfriend of four years. And before that, he was in a relationship for five years. So to put it into perspective, he’s been in a relationship since he was 15.

“I saw myself marrying the last girl I was with, I was saving up for a ring but she called it a day after our lives together just didn’t work out,” he said.

My career means I’m away travelling a lot and she was struggling with that in the relationship. It hurt a lot and it took a lot of friends and family to pick me up after that.

So which of the girls is he interested in? Unsurprisingly, he has his eye on fellow Irish person Maura.

“I’d say me and Maura will hit it off straight away, being two Irish people and she’s hilarious. She’s very naturally funny and she’s gorgeous as well, so you never know,” he revealed.

Could Greg make her vagina ‘trob’ as much as Curtis? Sorry for bringing that up again, but we had to. Tune in later to find out…


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