Gigi Hadid Does Not Look Like Gigi Hadid On The Cover Of This Month’s Italian Vogue

They're telling us it's Gigi... but is it Gigi?

As one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world, we’re all very well-acquainted with Gigi Hadid’s face.

This is not that face.

Only that the cover says ‘Gigi Hadid by Steven Klein’ we would not know that was Gigi Hadid.

On top of all that, the tan job on both parties is woeful. The cover of Vogue shouldn’t look like our house after Tanning Thursday! It isn’t right!

Fans are completely baffled by the shoot. “What is this mess?” commented one. Others said that Gigi’s tan verged on blackface: “Your worst cover in years. You had to make her look black and her expression is so bad. Just hire a model of colour to do the job.”

Photographer Steven Klein has been called out before for darkening his models’ skin – only last year, Kim Kardashian was criticised for looking extremely tanned in a photoshoot by Klein:

Madonna admitted in 2009 that she had done a shoot with Klein for an album cover in which her face was painted black, except for red lips and white eyes:

It was a play on words. Have you ever heard of the Black Madonna? For a minute, I thought it would be a fun title for my record. Then I thought, “25% of the world might get this, probably less, it’s not worth it.”

That same year, he actually shot model Lara Stone in straight-up blackface. It’s hard to even believe, but it’s true.

So it’s safe to say Steven Klein may be the issue here. Leave Gigi’s face and skin colour alone!