Gigi Hadid Literally Escorted A Gatecrasher Off The Chanel Runway

She should probably add ‘bouncer’ to her CV

A woman channeling her inner supermodel during Paris Fashion Week crashed Chanel’s showcase yesterday.

Hoisting herself onto the runway, the prankster, was keen to get a few giggles by strutting her stuff alongside the models.

However, in the strangest turn of events, Gigi Hadid saved the day and would not allow the intruder to ruin the showcase. Taking matters into her own hands, Gigi escorted the woman off the stage, with force, like an absolute tank.

Multiple videos were captured of the gas incident, in which you can see the woman being confronted by Gigi, before she grabs her by the shoulder and leads her off the runway.

The woman who hijacked the show has since been identified as Marie S’Infiltre, a French Youtuber and comedian, who is apparently known for her gatecrashing shenanigans.

Just last week Marie crashed the Etam runway, where she recorded her antics for a Youtube video.

So, we can probably expect to see one of her Chanel shenanigans also, although we would imagine she can’t be too happy about Gigi stealing her spotlight.


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