“Gone Too Far”: Friends Say Scott Disick Is Drinking Again And His Only Way Out Is Rehab

He "hit the bottle hard" after finding out Kourtney Kardashian was sleeping with a 23-year-old model.

Scott Disick did a stint in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse back in 2015, but friends believe he’ll need to go back there after returning to his drinking habit once again.

The reality star has three young children with Kourtney Kardashian, and it was his determination to make his relationship with Kourtney work that encouraged him to give up his partying lifestyle in the first place.

But the couple have never been able to rekindle their love, and recent reports that Kourtney is now sleeping with a 23-year-old model has tipped Scott over the edge.

TMZ reported that he’s been, “hitting the bottle hard again and his friends think he’s so far gone the only solution is rehab. He’s been in a downward spiral since learning baby mama Kourtney is banging Younes Bendjima.”

Upon hearing about his ex’s new boyfriend, Scott apparently went wild on Cinco de Mayo, which was last Friday, and he was partying at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood on Monday night.

TMZ added, “His house has been a non-stop, alcohol-fueled party for weeks… a party he sometime takes to the clubs.”

We hope Scott will listen to his friends and seek out the help he needs. No relationship is worth sacrificing your health for.

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