Goodbye Pretty Boys, It’s Now Hot Rodent Men Summer

Rodents hot? Who knew?

There is a new type of man on-trend – hot rodent men. Yes, you did read that correctly. The internet is now going wild for these famous men who look like rodents.

Gone are the days when buff men with bulging muscles and pretty boys with clean-cut faces are popular. People are now gravitating towards men who have rat-like features. Think dark, messy hair, piercing eyes and sharp pointy facial features.

Now, you may be thinking that this is an insult towards men. However, many who use the term see it as a compliment. While it’s not a stereotypical compliment one may hope to receive from someone who finds them attractive, it’s still a way for some to express their attraction, even if it comes across as insulting.

The trend was inspired by some of the biggest celebrities right now. Find out which famous men make the cut.

Jeremy Allen White

The most common example people use to describe hot rodent men is Jeremy Allen White. The star of The Bear has had fans swooning over his blue eyes, sharp jawline and curly hair since the show began airing in 2022.  

His campaign with Calvin Klein Underwear a few months ago also did him many favours.


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He may not be the most conveniently attractive Hollywood star, but his striking facial features have him leading the way in this new trend.

Barry Keoghan

Ireland’s own Barry Keoghan is also a popular example. While he has had many acting roles in the past, his role in Saltburn and the fact he is now dating one of pop’s IT girls, Sabrina Carpenter, have put him on the map internationally. 

Like JAW, he has piercing eyes and a strong jawline that puts him into this category.


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Josh O’Connor & Mike Faist

Having recently starred in the tennis romance film Challengers, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist make the list as many people who saw the film found them attractive, especially during those steamy scenes, and immediately put them in the hot rodent category.

Funnily enough, Josh is a big fan of Ratatouille, the film about a rat who wants to become a renowned chef. During the Challengers press tour, he frequently mentioned his love for the film and has watched it over 100 times.

While a remake was rumoured, Pixar is seemingly not on board, which is a shame considering that Josh would probably be keen and would make a perfect casting choice.


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Glen Powell

Some may say Glen Powell is almost too attractive for this title, but many believe the Top Gun: Maverick star is a hot rodent man.

Maybe it depends on what character he’s playing because his performance in the romcom Anyone But You would not have you thinking that.

He does have a new movie called Hit Man, where he plays multiple personas and some lean on the hot rodent side.


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Timothée Chalamet

Wonka and Dune actor Timothée Chalamet being dubbed a hot rodent has sparked a lot of controversy amongst his very intense fan base. 

Club Chalamet, a super fan account for Timmy run by a middle-aged LA-based woman named Simone, posted on X a link to an article which proclaimed that Timmy is not a ‘rat boy’, making her stance clear on the matter.

But what we really wonder is what Kylie Jenner thinks of her man being referred to as a hot rodent boyfriend.


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Matty Healy

Rounding it all off, we have the lead singer of The 1975, Matty Healy. While the hot rodent man term is used endearingly in most cases, when it comes to Matty, who knows, considering he is not the Swifties’ favourite person right now.

Despite many people not liking him anymore off the back of the revelations Taylor made in her recent album and the hate he is receiving from his recent engagement to model Gabriette, loyal The 1975 fans believe that he fits the hot rodent trend.


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Who knew we would be referring to rodents as attractive one day.

Words by Amélie Mahony