Got Acne? Drink Red Wine

Pour yourself a glass acne sufferers: Science says red wine is a very credible cure for those pesky pimples.

Young woman with glass of redwine

Is there anything red wine can’t do? Apparently not according to researchers of a new study published in the Journal of Dermatology and Therapy, who’ve found that, aside from being ace at reducing heart disease, nixing stress and giving us flawless dance moves, red wine has major benefits for your skin and may be useful in fighting acne.

That’s cos red wine contains an ingredient called resveratrol, which is loaded with microbiobial properties. Those properties assist in fighting bacteria and infection, which in case you didn’t know, are two leading causes of acne breakouts.

The researchers collected samples of propionibacterium, AKA the bacteria that’s associated with acne and pimples. This bacteria was then added to a mixture of resveratrol and benzol peroxide; a commonly-used acne treatment.

What they found was that, thanks to the added resveratrol, the bacteria sample was inhabited, leading researchers to conclude that the ultimate treatment for acne is a combo of resveratrol and benzol peroxide, as it not only killed the active bacteria in the sample, but prevented its spread too.

The bad news is that as of yet scientists haven’t come up with the best way to utilise that information, but we’re crossing our fingers for a resveratrol-benzol peroxide hybrid to hit the market real soon.

In the mean time, we’ll have an extra glass of the red stuff for its, um, medicinal qualities.