Got Unresolved Feelings? RTE Are Looking For People To Meet With Their Ex On Screen

We're not going to lie this doesn't sound fun

The Breakup

There is probably nothing worse that running into your ex.

Whether you do the awkward ‘how are youuuu?’ or you totally ignore them is probably dependent on how things ended, but regardless of your reaction it’s fair to say it’s a pretty awkward encounter.

But if you’ve actually been longing to meet up with your ex because of unresolved feelings or something you never got to say, RTE wants you!

The tv station is looking for ex-couples to meet up and talk things out.

Sounds pretty awkward to us, but if you’re struggling to move on for whatever reason, it may be just what you need.

The brief reads: “Do you have an ex-partner that you can’t get out of your head? Is there something you never got to ask or say? Maybe you are just looking for some closure? Then we want to hear from you. ”

Dockland, a new online factual strand presented by RTÉ Documentaries, are making the series.

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