Greg O’Shea Jokes ‘Worst Decision’ May Have Cost Him A Role In Barbie

He would have been perfect!

Greg O’Shea Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

Hi, Ken!

We mean, Greg! The Six O’Clock Show host has revealed that he may have missed out on his opportunity to appear in the Barbie Movie.

The mega-hit was choc-a-bloc with famous cameos from Dua Lipa to John Cena to our very own Nicola Coughlan. Irish influencer Adam Fogarty even made an appearance!

And Greg could have graced the screen as well.

Greg O’Shea Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

His fellow Love Island alum, Chris Taylor, appeared on The Six O’Clock Show to chat about his cameo in Barbie! With Margot Robbie being a massive fan of the reality series it made sense that at least one contestant made an appearance.

Chris explained that he originally met Margot in 2020 at the Birds of Prey premiere in London. An invite that was extended to Greg, who chose not to attend!

Big mistake! Huge!

“I know you were invited too and you decided to not go,” Chris teased him as they chatted on the Virgin Media Show.

“Worst decision of my life,” Greg hastily added.

Clearly Chris and Margot hit it off because he was invited to the premiere’s after-party.

“I was in bed, I got up with the boys and we all went to this after-party. Margot was there but she knew who we all were, which was bizarre,” Chris explained.

“She kind of like came running over giving us hugs and that and we was like chatting away and all that kind of stuff. The after party finished and then she said to us do you want to come to the after-after party. Greg’s absolutely seething at this point!”

He and Margot got to chat at the after-after party and 18 months later Chris received an email asking him to send in an audition for the Barbie flick!

Yes, Greg may have missed out on his chance to appear in the movie. We wonder what Ken he would have been…