Greg O’Shea Reveals The Downside To Life After Love Island

But in true Greg form, he's not complaining!


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Life inside the Love Island villa seems like a dramatic rollercoaster, and honestly, life on the outside doesn’t appear much different. There is still plenty of drama and complicated romances. But it turns out there is one detail that you might not know about, which post-villa Islanders need to prepare for.

While it might seem like some people roll out of the villa and into a pile of money, that isn’t always the case.

Former Love Islander Greg O’Shea revealed what an awkward situation it was coming out of the villa, as most assumed he was minted straight after the show.

This led to a lot of complications, especially with dates. As Greg told The Sunday Times, “People expect that I’ll be the one paying for the drinks and it’s not their fault. They know I did the show and there are assumptions made.

“If I go on a date with girls they always expect me to pay, and I will initially because I asked them on the date, but it gets to a stage where it’s like right, it’s the 21st century, you’re making more money than me.”

As a former professional rugby player, Greg revealed that despite the fact they all train full time, “top fellas” earn around €18,000 while others earn about €8,000. So before his stint on Love Island, he wasn’t seeing any other income.


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However now, Greg is said to be making between €60,000 – €100,000, from brand deals and endorsements and is learning to be more responsible with money, which includes looking back on some of the reckless purchases he has made.

He revealed what his biggest spending regret was, saying, “my best mate, mother and sisters have killed me for this: I bought a lot of expensive gifts for my ex-girlfriend… it was more to make her happy and was a bad idea in hindsight.”

These gifts included a lot of designer items and holidays, which would cost a lot!

But Greg’s is educating himself on finances, has begun investing in cryptocurrencies, and has recently launched his own business, Bettr With Greg.


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Bettr With Greg is a virtual based workout program. As Greg himself has described it, “the whole idea behind it is just getting BETTR together, so I’m actually going to be doing the workouts live with you. Every week you’ll have multiple workouts to choose from and you can do them all from the comfort of your own home either live with me or catch up on-demand.

“There will be a Wellness section where I’ll share thoughts & tips with you on how to live a better lifestyle and there will also be a Q&A section where you’ll have direct access to me to ask whatever questions you may have.

“This has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember so I’m really excited to build this community with you.”

Words by Slaine McKenna

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