‘Gross’: Cardi B Has Been Slammed For Showing ‘Stomach Hair’ At The Grammy’s

A photo was posted of the Grammy nominee on the Moschino Instagram page.

Just when we thought 2018 would be the year of girl power and good vibes, the internet has gone and shamed another celeb for being human.

We all saw how amazing Cardi B looked at the Grammy Awards last Sunday, especially in the colourful two-piece outfit she wore when performing her hit single Finesse with Bruno Mars.

However, when Italian brand Moschino shared a photo of Cardi on their Instagram, people were commenting for all the wrong reasons.

??? @iamcardib #cardib #grammys #moschino @itsjeremyscott styled @kollincarter

A post shared by Moschino (@moschino) on

Some people aren’t happy about what appears to be body hair on Cardi’s stomach – which I’m sure we can all agree is totally normal.

One commenter with the username ‘uwillneversayno’ said, “she better shave her stomach hair before modelling”, while another commented “gross”.

However, all hope isn’t lost for 2018, with many fans sticking up for the rapper for not conforming to society’s expectations.

‘Mechanicalmia’ on Instagram reassured Cardi by saying “who cares about the fuzz? Our bodies aren’t meant for men to begin with. We do what we want with our bodies.”

Another user said, “Oh my god, I can’t believe how people lose their minds about hair on her stomach, hair is so natural, stop stereotype the perfect women with no hair, because does not exist!”

What do you think of Cardi’s look?

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