‘Gutted’: Here’s How Twitter Is Reacting To Kylie Jenner’s Baby’s Name

They're having VERY mixed opinions about it.

Kylie Jenner confirmed that her baby’s name is Stormi – and people have VERY mixed feelings about it.

Lots of people on Twitter are commenting on the famous family’s obsession with weather-related names. “The Kardashians are creating a family of weather forecasts,” one person said, “Soon Kris Jenner will release a press release stating, ‘Chances of Stormi Reign in North West Chicago’.”

Others just think the name is a bit mental – “Stormi – are you for real?”

However, others think it’s super cute.

Up until this evening, it was believed the 20-year-old would name her daughter ‘Posie’ after the Spanish word ‘Mariposa’, meaning Butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of Kylie’s relationship with boyfriend, Travis Scott, and they even have matching tattoos of the insect on their ankles.

Would you have preferred Posie Scott or do you think Stormi Scott is cute?

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