Hang On, Is A Reality Show About Irish Influencers *Actually* Coming To RTÉ?

And more importantly, will you be watching?

Last month, RTÉ announced that they were going to make a six-part series about Irish bloggers who are making a life for themselves in New York City.

The show, which the broadcaster said would be called Making It In Manhattan, was said to feature Kerry-born blogger Erika Fox, and her younger sister Kaelin Fox, who are building their brand Retro Flame from the Big Apple’s Upper East Side.

However, Erika took to Snapchat to explain to her fans that her involvement in the show hadn’t been confirmed, and although she’d met with the team involved to discuss her participation, she and Kaelin had not yet signed up to anything.

Now fans reckon the show might finally be happening. Yesterday evening, Erika revealed to her Snapchat followers, “I have a busy one tomorrow. RTÉ are actually coming down to our house here in Kerry. We’re gonna be filming a show for them. It’s like a documentary.

“It’s not just me,” the entrepreneur continued, “There’s going to be other people from around the country, and they’re coming to film me here so I have to get myself ready.

“I’m going to vlog tomorrow, and hopefully they’ll let me show you behind the scenes of them filming the show. I think it goes live at the end of Autumn, so October I’m guessing, which will be nice.”

Whether it’s the original reality show plan or something entirely different – we are *so* ready for it.

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