Happy Mean Girls Day! Here’s How Fans Across The Globe Are Celebrating The Sacred Day

It is indeed, October 3rd

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Plastics wannabes all over the world are celebrating international Mean Girls day today.

Although it is not yet an official bank holiday (give it time), October 3rd has a special place in the hearts of fans of the 2004 teen movie.

In an iconic scene in the flick, Lindsay Lohan, aka Cady Heron asked her crush, Aaron Samuels, what date it was, and, if you haven’t already guessed it, it was October 3rd.

Now, some 15 years after the film’s reign, fans are still remembering the day. Whether it is donning pink or sharing memes, everyone is doing their bit, including Lindsay Lohan herself.

Posting a snap on Instagram she said: “It’s October third. #itsoctober3rd #duh


As for events commemorating the day, the Uk is screening the flick in cinemas across the country, while London is also hosting a So Fetch afternoon tea at Duo London, and Mirth, Marvel and Maud are hosting a Mean Girls-themed cabaret.

If you are keen to get involved with the celebrations, the cult film creator, Tina Fey will also be hosting a live watchathon on Facebook tonight.

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