Harry Styles Was Reportedly ‘Mugged’ On Valentine’s Day

No arrests have been made

Harry Styles was reportedly robbed at knifepoint in north London on Valentine’s Day.

It has been reported that the 26-year-old was “threatened with a knife” on Friday night during a night out with friends.

Luckily, Harry managed to walk away unharmed, after handing over an unspecified amount of money.

In a statement, London police confirmed that they were investigating the incident:

“It was reported that a man in his 20s was approached by another man and threatened him with a knife. The victim was not injured however, cash was taken from him.”

No arrest has been made, however.

A source told the Mirror Online:

“He actually played it pretty cool, quickly giving the assailant cash, keeping himself and the guy calm and getting the situation over with,”

However, understandably, the situation left Harry a little worse for wear, the source also said:

“Understandably though it left him very shaken up afterward.”

This isn’t the first time Harry has endured a traumatic incident however, as a 26-year-old man was convicted of stalking the pop-star back in October of last year.

After Harry gave the man who he understood to be homeless food and money, the man began to act strange, camping outside of his home and posting notes through his letterbox.

The man was brought to court and a restraining order was granted.



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