Has Contouring Finally Gone Too Far? Say Hello to Vagina Contouring

We're not quite sure how we feel about this new form of contouring, we think we like our vaginas just as they are, thanks!

vagina contouring

From clown contouring to Star Wars contouring, we really thought we’d seen it all, but nope, apparently not!

Welcome to vagina contouring. Vontouring (as it’s popularly known) is now a trend and we can kinda see why: this new type of contouring gives you a prettier labia and enhances your bedroom-based pleasure.

Before you get too excited though, vontouring is an actual medical procedure so you can put your make-up brushes and highlighters away. The official name is Protégé Intima and it involves using intensive heating (youch) to correct the external look of the vagina. Oww…

With its roots in older procedures like vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, both of which require surgery, this procedure is non-invasive (so they say…) and it works by adding collagen to the area around the vagina, which results in the area becoming tighter and plumper – some women will experience heightened sensations from nerve endings as well. #bonus

It was very discreet. I had a towel over me while the doctor massaged my labia with a big pen-like device with a ball at the end.

Raegan Sidley was one of the first people in the UK to have the procedure done, and she told Reveal, “I was nervous because of where it was and there was no one I could speak to who’d already had it done. But it was very discreet. I had a towel over me while the doctor massaged my labia with a big pen-like device with a ball at the end [ooer – ed]. All you feel is a bit of heat and in about 45 minutes it was over. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably but there was nothing, no tingling, redness or after effects. It’s far more pleasant than a bikini wax!”

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In news that won’t surprise anyone, Gemma Collins from TOWIE is also a huge fan of vontouring and we feel like Gwyneth Paltrow might get on board with too, she’s already admitted to loving vagina steaming, which basically involves standing over a bowl of steaming water for 20 to 40 minutes which she claims to result in increased fertility, decreased bloating and it relieves some of the symptoms of menopause. We’ve got our sceptical hat on regarding that, howevs.

Back to vontouring, who’s it for? Particularly popular with women who’ve experienced child birth thanks to tearing or stretching of the vagina, the procedure tightens things up, making it a lot more pleasurable both for them and their partner.

Yup – we can see it’s a goer for some, but for now we think we’ll stick to regular face contouring, thanks very much!